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Buy quality plants from our wide range available for sale online in Qatar. The dull home or office spaces are instantly enhanced by the addition of plant life thereby improving air quality. Our plants are delivered direct to your door.


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  1. Aglaonema Dales

    Aglaonema Dales

    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase - Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants in the arum family, Araceae dark-green leaves are 6-10 inches long, 3 inches wide, and heavily marbled with white, cream or silver and white. Small flowers may appear in summer. Learn More
  2. Ficus Golden King

    Ficus Golden King

    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase - Like all variegated plants this fig looks great against against a dark wall, the creamy/yellow edges of the leaves really show-up well. Can grow to 4m Learn More
  3. Ficus Robusta

    Ficus Robusta

    Medium size with normal plastic vase Ficus elastica is grown around the world as an ornamental plant, outside in frost-free climates and inside in colder climates as a houseplant. it is a large tree in the banyan group of figs, prefers bright sunlight but not hot temperatures. Learn More
  4. Laurentii


    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase -These plants are hard to kill and will cope with most light conditions. Great for office goers and others who may live interesting lives with no time for plants. Learn More
  5. Gardenia


    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase - Gardenia is a division of flowering plants in the coffee family and they are evergreen shrubs and small trees growing to 3.0–49.0 ft tall. Flowering is from mid-spring to mid-summer,flowers are strongly scented Learn More
  6. Monstera


    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase -A large and popular, easy to grow plant. These are plants people love, monstrous or abnormal refers to the unusual leaves with natural holes Learn More
  7. Pachira


    Pachira is a tropical wetland tree of the mallow family Malvaceae, they form small or large trees with digitate leaves, and the fruit an oval woody one-celled capsule opening by a number of divisions and containing many seeds.The name "money tree" seems to refer to a story of its origin. Learn More
  8. Philodendron Green

    Philodendron Green

    Philodendron is a large genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family, The leaves are usually large and imposing, often lobed or deeply cut, and may be more or less pinnate a popular houseplant Learn More
  9. Schefflera


    Medium size with normal plastic vase - Schefflera are grown in pots as houseplants for its decorative foliage in the family of Araliaceae The plants are trees, shrubs growing 3 ft –98 ft tall, with woody stems and palmately compound leaves Learn More
  10. Spathiphyllum


    Small or Medium size with normal plastic vase Spathiphyllum are known for their elegant, star-shaped, white flowers and rich, green leaves in the family of Araceae. The plant does not need large amounts of light or water to survive. Learn More

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